Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NCAA Top Picks At The Mid Point | The Best Players And Coaches

NCAA Football
Well, we have reached the halfway point of the college football season, so here our my mid-season awards. As we all know, things can change from game to game, but here are my top picks for NCAA football at the midway point of 2014.

Heisman Trophy Front Runners

1. Dak Prescott/QB/Mississippi State
2. Marcus Mariota/QB/Oregon
3. Shane Carden/QB/East Carolina
4. Rakeem Cato/QB/Marshall
5. Bo Wallace/QB/Mississippi

As you can see, these are all quarterbacks here. Prescott may not technically be the best player in the nation, but he is the biggest difference maker on the best team, so right now, is the Heisman Trophy leader in the clubhouse. Mariota and his Ducks will probably have to settle for the Rose Bowl again.

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Senquez Golson/DB/Mississippi
2. Damien Wilson/LB/Minnesota
3. Paul Dawson/LB/TCU
4. Gerod Holliman/S/Louisville
5. Nate Orchard/DE/Utah

Senquez Golson is causing all sorts of problems in that Mississippi secondary for opposing quarterbacks. He is second in the nation in interceptions. Damien Wilson has been one the reasons for Minnesota’s defense holding strong despite a lackluster offense at times. Paul Dawson is yet another one of Gary Patterson’s excellent linebackers.

NCAA Football Coach of the Year

Dan Mullen/Mississippi State
Hugh Freeze/Mississippi
Ruffin McNeill/East Carolina
Doc Holliday/Marshall
Jerry Kill/Minnesota

Right now Dan Mullen is the runaway favorite for coach of the year followed by his in state counterpart Hugh Freeze. Ruffin McNeill has kept the Pirate focused since the big win over Virginia Tech and Marshall is having the best season that nobody cares about.

Friday, October 17, 2014

NCAA Top 25 for October 2014 | Mississippi State Hits The Top Spot

NCAA top 25
Time now for my NCAA top 25 rankings. If I can pat myself on the back, I told you so about Mississippi state. Will Florida State keep their lofty rankings by winning big? Will will Wisconsin come back on this list? Who knows. Meanwhile, we're looking forward to seeing who wins this week.  

1. Mississippi State- I called it, boy did I call it. Now Gators fans are calling for Florida to hire Dan Mullen as the new head coach.
  2. Mississippi- If Mississippi State has the best resume in America, their in-State counterparts have the second best resume.
  3. Florida State- Needs to make a statement this weekend against Notre Dame
  4. Baylor- In prime position to win the Big 12 after that wild finish against TCU
  5. Auburn- They now find themselves out of the playoff at the moment after the fiasco this weekend against Mississippi State
  6. Notre Dame- Loser in the Florida State –Notre Dame game this weekend falls out of the National Championship picture.
  7. Oregon- They will win the Pac-12 as a consolation prize
  8. Michigan State- They almost pulled the “oops” game last weekend.
  9. Marshall- The quietest unbeaten left.
10. Alabama- I’m not impressed with the Tide this season at all. If Brandon Allen’s arm was a little stronger, they would have lost again last weekend.
11. Georgia- The Bulldogs keep on trucking along.
12 TCU- Well it was fun while it lasted.
13. Arizona- The luck finally ran out for the luckiest team in America..
14. Oklahoma- This appears to be another dull season for the Sooners and yet another Fiesta Bowl invite.
15. Washington- First place in the Pac-12 is on the line this weekend against Oregon.
16. Ohio State- Here come the Buckeyes. They might just pull this off after all.
17. Kansas State- Will probably have to settle for the Cotton Bowl.
18. Georgia Tech- Needs to get back on tract after the Duke loss.
19. Nebraska- They are gunning for either the Rose Bowl or the Capital One Bowl at this point
20. Duke- Probably the one of the stories of the season so far. This Duke team is 5-1.
21. Minnesota- In prime position to win the Big Ten right now.
22. Oklahoma State- this may be the quietest team in the country right now.
23. Rutgers- Not much to say about this team.
24. East Carolina- A lot of offense, and no defense.
25. Kentucky- 5-1 right now, which is why I rank them.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Badgers Drop Out Of My NCAA Top 25

NCAA Rankings
It’s time once again for my take on the top 25 NCAA football teams. Is your favorite team still ranking? I hope so. Our Wisconsin Badgers dropped out of my ranking here.  Until they find a way to win, or find a capable quarterback, we may have seen the last of Bucky on this list. 

  1. Florida State- This is a weak year if this is the best team in the country.
  2. Auburn- Big one this weekend against Mississippi State
  3. Mississippi- Beat Alabama and did the world a huge favor in the process
  4. Mississippi State- Will shock the world when they run Auburn out of the building this weekend and wake up Monday morning as the number one ranked team in America
  5. Baylor- Big one coming this weekend against TCU. Winner of that game will win the Big 12.
  6. TCU- With the playoff, they could finally get their shot at the national championship
  7. Arizona- The Wildcats have been the luckiest team in America to this point. But will their luck run out this weekend against USC?
  8. Oregon- They have a big one coming against UCLA after the slip up last weekend.
  9. Michigan State- I am still waiting for the mistake from this team that is surely coming as it has every year except last year. Purdue could be it this weekend.
10. Alabama- The Crimson Tide are going to lose two in a row this weekend when they travel to take on Arkansas and we will finally be able to write Alabama out of the national championship picture.
11. Georgia Tech- So far, the Yellow Jackets have been the biggest surprise in the nation. They get a test in Duke this weekend.
12. Notre Dame- The Irish are going to run circles around a really bad Tar Heel defense on Saturday
13. Marshall- The Thundering Herd anybody?
14. Oklahoma- They got dragged up and down the field by TCU last weekend. Now they get a thin Texas team in the Red River Shootout this weekend that has lost its luster.
15. Washington- The may score 70 points this weekend against California.
16. UCLA- Brett Hundley’s stock is falling.
17. Georgia- This is the best running game in the country.
18. Kansas State- After an early season surge they are fading.
19. Nebraska- Not sure what to think of the Cornhuskers right now
20. Duke- They can get back to their winning ways this weekend against Georgia Tech
21. Ohio State- After an early season debacle, this offense is getting better.
22. Minnesota- Can they run their way to a Big Ten Championship game appearance?
23. Oklahoma State- They have been very quiet so far but can make some noise with a late surge.
24. Texas A&M- There may not be a more overrated player in the nation right now then Kenny Hill.
25. Rutgers- Another quiet team that could make some late noise.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Badgers 2014 Not Too Impressive So Far | Big Ten Looking Sloppy Overall

Badgers 2014
The Badgers came into the 2014 season with high hopes and a new quarterback. Through the first two games of the season, I’m not impressed with this team, period. Joel Stave was the starter for the Badgers for the last two seasons. However that doesn’t mean he played well. He started out okay as the season began a year ago, and got worse as the season progressed to the point of which the bowl game against South Carolina was one of the worst performances by a quarterback I have ever seen in my 28 years I’ve spent on this planet. Simply put, Stave just looked outmatched at every turn for 60 minutes. This led to a quarterback change this off season in Madison. Out steps Joel Stave, in steps South Carolina transfer Tanner McEvoy. To tell you the truth, McEvoy has not looked that much better running this offense. Unless he improves, it looks like the Badgers will need to find yet another quarterback. In fact, I would say it is time for them to expend some out of State recruiting resources into find a solid quarterback.

As far as the rest of this team is concerned, I’m not impressed with the rest of you all either. I was not impressed with the defensive meltdown against LSU to open the season. I was not impressed with the fact that they had a one score lead entering the third quarter, at home, against Western Illinois. That was a team they should have buried by halftime if they were as good as their ranking says they are.

The Badgers have a game upcoming this Saturday at home against Bowling Green. The line has the Badgers as 27 point favorites, but with the way this season has started, I am not sure if it should be that high. I think they will win, but the final score may be much closer than that, say 34-20.

Big Ten Looking Bad So Far

Here is the good news for the Badgers, the rest of the Big Ten hasn’t looked that much better either. Michigan State’s defense blew a lead against Oregon and lost, although that is no big deal. Ohio State lost at home to Virginia Tech who turned around and lost last Saturday to East Carolina. The Badgers are still the favorites to come out of their own division to play in the Big Ten title game, so they could coast all the way there with all sorts of problems and not have to do anything about them. I will tell you this, no Big Ten team will be in the playoff this year.