Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Badgers Fans Shocked As Brett Bielema Walks Away

Badgers Football 2013
Badgers fans were stunned by the news of Bielema's departure to Arkansas. This news came before the Rose Bowl, further angering Wisconsin fans. The news that Barry Alvarez will coach the team at Pasadena was less of a surprise. If you take a hard look at the situation at Madison, it becomes easier to understand why Bret took the leap.
The Badgers made the Rose Bowl this year because Ohio State was ineligible. Next season, the Buckeyes will most certainly win the Big Ten Championship game, and our Badgers will more than likely be languishing somewhere below the .500 mark. Last season, the team had lost key players to graduation, and that talent drop off will increase as Montee Ball will be gone next year.

Bielema Took Advantage Of The Timing

Bielema saw the writing on the wall, and took a powder before his stock dropped big time. Why didn't Bielema find a way to recruit well in these past few years, in order to replenish the departing players? Some say it was partly due to the playing and coaching style of Wisconsin football. When a team is focused on the run, hot shot quarterbacks will more than likely avoid the calls from recruits from said teams.
Why spend your college career working under the radar, or in the shadows of a player like Ball, White, or Dayne? Finally, Bielema is a gambler. Most folks know that. Bret took an assessment of the situation in Madison, and decided to go "all in" at Arkansas. Now it's up to Alvarez to find a suitable replacement that will be able to keep the team hot.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Badgers Basketball Fans Wonder About NCAA Tournament Invitation

Badgers Basketball Bo Ryan
The Wisconsin Badgers have played ten games to this point in the season and their play to this point comes with mixed reviews. Yes it's only ten games, but they are starting to develop a trend, and Bo Ryan's streak of consecutive NCAA Tournaments made may be in jeopardy if they don't break it. Among the various Badgers wins to this point, they beat teams like Southeastern Louisiana, Cornell, Presbyterian, and Arkansas. Two of the ranked teams they have played, Florida and Creighton, were losses. The Creighton game was close at halftime, but the Bluejays pulled away in the second half for a 10-point victory. The final score of the Florida was 74-56, and the game was never really close. They lost to Virginia, and then took care of business on December 2 and 4.  In those games, they trounced their opponents, but again, they were supposed to do that.

What I'm getting at here is that if they can't beat ranked teams Bo Ryan's streak of consecutive NCAA Tournaments made will come to an end this season. I understand it's early, and they will have plenty of chances, especially once they enter conference after New Year's, but I don't like what I see here. They can't just beat teams like Nebraska-Omaha and expect to make the Tournament.

As of this moment, they are not scheduled to play a ranked team again until January 12th when they take on Illinois, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a little intrigue on the schedule before then. Next for the Badgers is their annual game againstMarquette on December 8th and two weeks later they take on Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I don't know if you've noticed, but the Panthers have been making that game just a little more interesting in recent years. After that the Badgers will finish their pre-conference schedule at home against Sanford so there will be plenty of chances for fans to see the Badgers in person before they hit conference play.